AFA StellarCamps

What is StellarCamp?

StellarCamp is a fun space system design camp for 6th through 12th graders. Participants get to learn about aspects of space system design with no prior experience required.

In 2021 Summer, StellarXplorers hosted its PILOT season of StellarCamp at locations in Florida, Oklahoma, Virginia and the DC Area.  Starting in 2022 Summer, we look forward to conducting StellarCamps nationwide in areas where there are already StellarXplorers teams and new areas, too!  Please stay tuned for these StellarCamp opportunities starting 2022 Summer.

StellarCamp Curriculum

StellarCamp covers information on orbits, history of space exploration, basic principles using Systems Toolkit (STK), satellites, rockets, and much more. Throughout the week, there are many hands-on activities and practice exercises to review concepts covered in the curriculum, in addition to fun ice-breakers and teambuilding activities.

On the fifth day of StellarCamp, students will have the opportunity to participate in a mini-competition scenario to challenge the skills obtained over the course of the week.

If you are interested in hosting a StellarCamp, please standby for additional information regarding organization registration for Summer 2022.

StellarCamp Overview


StellarCamps are designed for high school and middle school students who are just getting into aerospace or who have aerospace knowledge and want to learn more. Camps are hosted by approved organizations and institutions that register with the StellarXplorers Program Office. These organizations include but are not limited to AFA Chapters, schools, universities, CAP squadrons, companies in industry, boys and girls clubs, etc.


StellarCamp is over the course of 5 days, and there is a practice competition on the 5th day. Participating in a StellarCamp is not required to participate as a StellarXplorers competitor, but it serves as a great introduction to STK and knowledge that would be useful to know if participants decide to compete when the school year begins. Additionally, those who participate in StellarCamps are not required to compete in StellarXplorers the following competition season.


StellarCamps are held at a variety of locations. Locations vary year-to-year, depending on the organizations that register to host a camp.


StellarCamps are held during different weeks between June and August each summer.  The camps are designed to be conducted over five days – Monday through Friday, consisting of approximately 4-6 hours of instruction each day.


Approved organizations purchase a curriculum kit consisting of instruction modules and information to conduct the competition on the fifth day, accompanying instructor guide, student workbooks, and demonstration software that the students will use to follow along with the instructions. It is the responsibility of the host organization to facilitate the logistics of the camp (camp facility, instructor, hardware, etc.).